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Images of Exile in the Prophetic Literature

Images of Exile in the Prophetic Literature

International Conference

Exile is a central matter in the Hebrew Bible. According to the biblical account, the exile in Babylon was a decisive turning point in the history of Israel. There are several other stories and discourses of exile in addition to this particular one: Adam and Eve are forced to leave Eden, Abraham and his family travel as strangers, and the marvelous story of Exodus emerges from the captivity in Egypt. “Exile” constitutes a significant literary and theological theme.

In the prophetic books, there is a dense use of poetry and metaphors and the reflection on exile is central to almost all of them. Yet the images they use are different. Some speak of exile with the images of captivity and slavery. Others interpret exile as infertility and abandonment as when a man leaves his wife. Exile can be a state of spiritual death from which the people must be raised. Interestingly, the images that the prophets employ color the concept itself and thereby expand what a life in exile can mean.

18 papers will reflect on the language and images of exile in the prophetic literature of the Bible.

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Everyone is welcome at the conference.

The conference is funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research and its Sapere Aude program.