The Grace of Time: Towards a Kataphatic Theology of Time – Københavns Universitet

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The Grace of Time: Towards a Kataphatic Theology of Time

Public lecture by Professor George Pattison, University  of Glasgow and Department of Systematic Theology

Responding to Michael Theunissen’s account of the transformation of time in Pindar and to Arne Grøn’s argument that a similar structure is to be found also in Kierkegaard, the talk takes issue with Grøn’s view that the »blessing«-aspect of time can only be discerned by a negative approach. Taking up Grøn’s own hint, it is argued that Kierkegaard also offers an account of time as having »infinite worth«. Following the themes of suddenness and analogy with the help of Erich Przywara, it is further argued in favour of the role of poetic and religious discourse in articulating the meaning of time. The testimony of poetry draws on the work of the Orcadian poet Edwin Muir whilst Kierkegaard is taken as spokesperson for the religious perspective. Together they point to an experience in which time may be experienced in its fullness.