Public dialogue: Exploring politics, governance and development in Madagascar – University of Copenhagen

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Public dialogue: Exploring politics, governance and development in Madagascar

The Centre of African Studies (CAS) and the Institute for Cross-Cultural Studies & Regional Studies (ToRS) at the University of Copenhagen, in association with Magic Hour Films (Copenhagen), invite you to a public dialogue with key figures associated with contemporary politics and development in the Republic of Madagascar, who are visiting Copenhagen during CPH:DOX film festival. They are part of the launch of a film by Lotte Mik-Meyer about contentious politics in Madagascar. Entitled The Return of the President, the film focuses on the 2009 coup and subsequent return to Madagasacar and to politics of ousted President Marc Ravalomanana.

Given their presence in Copenhagen, CAS and TORS together take this opportunity to engage not only with the former president, His Excellency Marc Ravalomanana, but also with Mrs Lalao Ravalomanana who is the current Mayor of the capital city Antananarivo, one of Madagascar’s foremost human rights lawyers, Ms Bakoly Razaiarisolo and South African journalist and communications specialist, Peter Mann.

The four guest speakers will engage in conversation with Associate Professor Stig Jensen and MSO Professor and Director of the Centre of African Studies Amanda Hammar around such topics as: democratic politics, coups, political exile, regional politics, urban governance, citizenship, civic politics, human rights, development visions, privatisation, and governance of natural resources.