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Research Focus

Daniel Libeskind, Jüdisches Museum Berlin. Photo by Thomas Bruns (

More specifically, research at the center addresses questions aggravated by the Shoah. For instance: How do individuals and societies remember and pass on their experience of tragedy? How can they cope with the roles of victim, perpetrator, or bystander? How can the burden of a genocidal past be borne practically and reflected critically? These complex questions have ethical, social, political, and religious dimensions. They concern personal identity as well as human co-existence.

We will explore Jewish (re)sources, particularly from the 19th to the 21st century, in order to clarify how this heritage can shed light on universal problems of re-orientation in the aftermath of historical and cultural catastrophes. The center has a triple research focus on (1) philosophy of language and post-Holocaust hermeneutics, (2) trauma, witnessing, and the mediation of memory, and (3) images of (in)humanity in religion, art, and ethics.