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The Scent of Thyme


Air photo of Lubya, 1945. The Road connets Nazereth and Timerias 


Project The Scent of Thyme  

The Scent of Thyme project is an etnographic exhibition displaying aspects of life in Palestine prior to 1948. The project intent is to preserve the cultural heritage of the many lost villages, to visualize everyday life of people in exile, to spread tolerance and understanding amongst different people and to support the process of democratization that dominates all of the Arabic world at the present time. 
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Our Ancestors' Land – DR Dokumentar
To find his roots Mahmoud Issa travels with his parents to the place in Israel from which the family fled 46 years ago. Director: Gitte Rabøl
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In this book Mahmoud Issa has taken a personal journey back to the past and former life in Lubya, documented through hundreds of interviews with exiled residents of the village of Lubya, their offspring and studies of historic archives and documents. Published in Arabic, Hebrew and English the book uses a combination of historic analysis and verbal transcripts draw up an image of ethnic cleansing in 1948.
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