SKC Project Seminar – Københavns Universitet

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Søren Kierkegaard Forskningscenteret > Kalender > 2017 > SKC Project Seminar

SKC Project Seminar

Jeppe Niels Strøbech: A Second Thought on Kierkegaards One Thought: The Self

In this project seminar, I will articulate two areas of investigation. 1. A general discussion on the relation between philosophy and theology. 2. An analysis of the relation between Works of Love and Sickness unto Death. Concerning the first discussion, I will argue that Kierkegaard’s religious understanding of the self can contribute to the discussion of how to deal with religious arguments in a secular context. Concerning the analysis of the relation between love and despair, I will argue that Works of Love and Sickness unto Death can be read together as an upbuilding discourse or as an "second ethics" (Grøn, Theunissen). On the other hand, though, I will also argue that the two works can be read together as a disruptive discourse or as a theory of the radical negativity of existence and the consequent disfiguration of subjectivity, that is, as an exploration of the tragedy of love and freedom.