Crimes Scenes as Augmented Reality, off-screen, online and offline

Publikation: Working paperForskning


  • Kjetil Sandvik
  • Anne Marit Waade

Our field of investigation is site specific realism in crime
fiction and spatial production as media specific features.
We analyze the (re)production of crime scenes in respectively
crime series, computer games and tourist practice,
and relate this to the ideas of augmented reality. Using a distinction
between places as locations situated in the physical
world and spaces as imagined or virtual
locations as our point of departure, this paper investigates how places
in various ways have become augmented by means of mediatization.
Augmented reality represents processes of mediatization
that broaden and enhance spatial experiences.
These processes are characterized by the activation of users
and the creation of artificial operational environments
embedded in various physical or virtual locations. The idea
of augmented spatial practice is related to the ideas of site
specific aesthetic and emotionalization of place in respectively
physical, mediated and mediatized places.

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ISBN (Elektronisk)9788791695148
StatusUdgivet - 2008

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