CUL MS Gg.4.18

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PhD fellow at the Centre for Privacy Studies, Anni Haahr Henriksen, has recently published her codicological and palaeographical description of CUL MS Gg.4.18 on the Cambridge University Library’s digital collection. MS Gg. 4.18 is a 15th century Middle English verse translation of Boethius’s Consolatione Philosophiae. In her description, Anni pays special attention to two pieces of marginalia, found on folios 20v and 33v. These two examples of marginalia and the form of textual engagement that they represent, Anni argues, imply a form of isolated communication with the text where the physical manuscript becomes a locus of private textual interaction. This ‘private textual interaction’, Anni argues, is unusual for its time and raises questions about medieval readers and reading practices.
Publikationsdato7 jun. 2018
Udgivelses stedCambridge University Digital Library
UdgiverCambridge University Digital Library
StatusUdgivet - 7 jun. 2018

ID: 199070935