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Current Issues in Medical Ethics

Seminar with professor Michael Boylan, Marymount University, USA

‘Medicine saved the life of ethics’ – so Stephen Toulmin about 35 years ago – by pushing its attention towards particular cases and practical reasoning. Indeed, rapid changes and advances in medicine brought about an acute need for practical orientation, both on individual and policy level. The situation has not changed – medical ethics still enjoys a special significance. This is now evident also in remarkable institutional support and anchoring. However, not only medicine, but also medical ethics has been changing. What are the current issues in medical ethics? What demands our attention now?

The seminar will draw on Medical Ethics (Wiley-Blackwell 2013), an anthology edited by Michael Boylan combining classical themes of medical ethics with exploration of latest developments. A special focus will be upon how we are to understand what “health” is.

Michael Boylan

Michael Boylan is Professor of Philosophy at Marymount University, USA. He is author and editor of numerous books on ethics, social and political philosophy, philosophy of science, and philosophy and literature. His recent publications include Natural Human Rights: A Theory (Cambridge University Press, 2014), The Origins of Ancient Greek Science (Routledge 2015) and Teaching Ethics with Three Philosophical Novels (Springer 2017). Being also a writer, his recent novels are: To the Promised Land (2015), Naked Reverse (2016), and Georgia: A Trilogy (2016, 2017, 2017).   

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This is an open event and all are welcome!