VIRTUAL BOOK LAUNCH: Faith in African Lived Christianity: Bridging Anthropological and Theological Perspectives  

CAS invites everyone to join the virtual booklaunch of the book Faith in African Lived Christianity – Bridging Anthropological and Theological Perspectives, edited by Karen Lauterbach and Mika Vähäkangas

Faith in African Lived Christianity – Bridging Anthropological and Theological Perspectives offers a comprehensive, empirically rich and interdisciplinary approach to the study of faith in African Christianity. The book brings together anthropology and theology in the study of how faith and religious experiences shape the understanding of social life in Africa. The volume is a collection of chapters by prominent Africanist theologians, anthropologists and social scientists, who take people’s faith as their starting point and analyze it in a contextually sensitive way. It covers discussions of positionality in the study of African Christianity, interdisciplinary methods and approaches and a number of case studies on political, social and ecological aspects of African Christian spirituality.

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Speakers at the event:

Elias Bongmba (Rice University)

Karen Lauterbach (University of Copenhagen)

Devaka Premawardhana (Emery College)

Mika Vähäkangas (Lund University)

Emma Wild-Wood (University of Edinburgh)


The book is Open Access. You can find it by clicking here.


-16:00 -16:25 Co-editors Karen Lauterbach (University of Copenhagen) and Mika Vähäkangas (Lund University): Introducing Faith in African Lived Christianity

-16:25-16:40 Elias Bongmba (Rice University): Theology & Anthropology

-16:40-17:00 Response from Senior Lecturer Emma Wild-Wood (Centre for the Study of World Christianity, School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh)

-17:00- 17:20 Response from Assistant Professor Devaka Premawardhana (Department of Religion, Emery College)


-17:30 - 18:00  Q & A

A zoom link will be sent out to all who registers, prior to the event.