Past events

  Photo: Mikkel Grabowski


  • 21.3: Africa Seminar: Dr. Adeline Masquelier, (Professor of Athropology at Tuhane University and Senior Fellow at the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies) Spirited Places: Jinns, Schooling, and the Burden of the Past in Niger
  • 29.3: Africa Seminar: Khalid Albaih,(Sudanese artist and political cartoonist) Political Protest in Sudan: Reflections Through an Artist's Pen - A Conversation with Khalid Albaih
  • 4.4: Africa Seminar: Ulf Engel, (Professor of Politics in Africa at the Institute of African Studies at Leipzig University) The African Peace and Security Architecture: Addressing the Continent’s Peace and Security Challenges
  • 11.4: Africa Seminar: Susanne Verheul, (Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow in the Department of International Development at University of Oxford) From #ThisFlag to #ThisScarf: Affect, Emotion, and Political Protest in Zimbabwe, 2016-2019
  • 15.5: Africa Seminar: Jörg Wiegratz, (Lecturer in Political Economy of Global Development at the University of Leeds) Capitalist Civilisation in Africa: Taking Stock of the Neoliberal Era


  • 22.3: Africa Seminar: Tobias Hagmann, (Associate Professor, Department of Business and Social Sciences, Roskilde University) Trade, Markets and State Formation in Somali East Africa
  • 1.3: Public dialogue: Centre of African Studies & Kvindernes u-landsudvalg, UN2030 Goals, Women’s Rights and Decision Making in Africa
  • 26.4: Africa Seminar: Miles Tendi, (Associate Professor of African Politics, African Studies Centre, Oxford University) The Military’s Role in the Fall of Robert Mugabe in 2017
  • 22.5: Public Dialogue: Naohiko Omata (Oxford University), Léonie Newhouse  (Max Planck Institute)& Amanda Hammar (Centre of African Studies), Displacement Economies
  • 6.9: Africa Seminar: Dr. Patience Musasa, (Senior Researcher at Nordic Africa Inistitute)“We were there before the mines”: rural struggles and mining investment in Zambia
  • 27.9: Africa Seminar: Dr. Moritz Mihatsch, (Senior Guest Researcher at Centre of African Studies)Sovereignty in Africa: Instrumental or Illusionary?
  • 11.10: Africa Seminar: Marie Ladekjær Gravesen, (PhD in social and cultural anthropology from the University of Cologne) Ambiguous Institutions: Peculiarities, Implications and Twilight Actions of Land-buying Companies in Laikipia, Kenya
  • 28.10: Africa Seminar: Louise Betlehem, (Associate Professor in the Department of English and in the Program in Cultural Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Stars in the Southern Hemisphere) Celebrity, Agency, and the Anti-Apartheid Struggle
  • 30.10: Africa Seminar: Lisa Ann Richey, (Professor of Globalization at Copenhagen Business School) The Neoliberal Politics of Celebrity Humanitarianism
  • 1.11: Africa Seminar: Florence Bernault, (Specialist of contemporary Central and Equatorial Africa and teaches African History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison) Witchcraft as Agency and Power: A Colonial Genealogy
  • 29.11: Africa Seminar: Aziza Moneer (Postdoctoral Fellow at the Research Institute for a Sustainable Environment of the American University in Cairo) “It is not all about economic growth”: Epistemology of the South and Environmental Movements in North Africa
  • 10.12: Book Release: Jason Sumich, (Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at University of Essex)The Middle Class in Mozambique: The State and the Politics of Transformation in Africa


  • 1.11: Africa Seminar: Dr. Dale T. McKinley, ( Activist and Author) South Africa Now – The Transition to Democracy
  • 7.9: Africa Seminar  Dr. Insa Nolte, (Department of African Studies and Anthropology, University of Birmingham) Beyond Religious Tolerance: Muslim-Christian coexistence in Nigeria
  • 6.9:  Book Release: Karen Lauterbach, (Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen) Christianity, Wealth, and Spiritual Power in Ghana
  • 7.6: Africa Day Seminar,'Africans Speaking on Africa': Bruce Campbell (CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)), Aloys Tegera (Pole Institute in Goma (DRC)), Bev Sithole (Charles Darwin University), Kenneth Gondwe ( PhD Guest Student at Copenhagen Centre for Energy Efficiency, DTU)
  • 24.3: Africa Seminar: Amanda Hammar (Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen), Ben Jones (University of East Anglia), Morten Nielsen (Afrika Kontakt), Pernille Bærendtsen (MA-student at CAS), Søren Bendixen (DR), Stig Jensen (Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen) and moderator: Hanne Selnæs (Selnæs Kommunikation)
    Communicating Africa
  • 21.3: Public dialogue: Marc Ravalomanana (Former president of Madagascar), Lalao Ravalomanana (Mayor of Antananarivo), Bakoly Razaiarisolo (Lawyer) and Peter Mann (Journalist)
    Exploring politics, governance and development in Madagascar
  • 25.1: Africa Seminar: Lungisile Ntsebeza (University of Cape Town)
    Politics and Crisis in South African Universities


  • 18.11: Farewell to CAS at Købmagergade en route to KUA
  • 17.11: Africa Seminar: Michael Bollig (University of Cologne)
    Towards an Arid Eden? Boundary-making, governance and benefit-sharing and the political ecology of the new commons of Kunene Region, Northern Namibia
  • 12.10: Africa Seminar: Rosalind C. Morris (Columbia University)
    After Gold: Deindustrialization, Zamazama and the Afterlives of Mining in South Africa
  • 29.9: Africa Seminar: Ali Said Faqi (Ambassador) and discussant Peter Albrecht (DIIS)
    Somalia post 2016: Challenges and Opportunities
  • 8.9: Africa Seminar: Robtel Neajai Pailey (University of Oxford)
    Birthplace, Bloodline and Beyond. How 'Liberian Citizenship' Is Currently Constructed in Liberia and Abroad
  • 24.6: PhD Defense: Henrik Laugesen (Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen)
    The Ambiguity of Foreign Military Assistance
  • 7.6: Africa Seminar: Arkebe Oqubay (Minister, Ethiopia), discussant Lindsay Whitfield (Roskilde University)
    Made in Africa: Industrial Policy in Ethiopia
  • 28.4: Africa Seminar: Smaïl Chergui (African Union)
    The African Union’s Peace and Security Role in Contemporary Conflicts in Africa - Reflections on Key Challenges and Outcomes
  • 3.3: Africa Seminar: Blair Rutherford (Carleton University, Ottawa)
    Women and Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining in Sub-Saharan Africa: On the Cultural Politics of “Formalization” Agendas
  • 2.3: Africa Seminar (in cooperation with the Royal Danish Defence College): Chanfi Issimail (EASF)
    The East African Standby Force – shaped for the future
  • 7.1: Book release: Hanne Kirstine Adriansen (Aarhus University), Lene Møller Madsen (University of Copenhagen) and Stig Jensen (Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen)
    Higher Education and Capacity Building in Africa: The geography and power of
    knowledge under changing conditions


  • 27.11: Second Africanist Graduate Forum
  • 26.11: Panel discussion: Kimberly Brown and Richard Moyes (INEW), Susanne Rumohr Hækkerup (Denmark’s Ambassador for Disarmament) and Richard MacCormac (Danish Church Aid)
    The global refugee crisis and explosive weapons
  • 12.11: Africa Seminar: Margaret C. Lee (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
    A Chinese Trading Post in Oshikango, Namibia
  • 10.11: Africa Seminar: Erin Wilson (Centre for Religion, Conflict and the Public Domain, University of Groningen), Marie Juul Petersen (Danish Institute for Human Rights) and Birgitte Qvist-Sørensen (DanChurchAid)
    Religion, Faith and Development
  • 9.10: Presentation and discussion at Culture Night 2015: Kåre Lauring (historian and author)
    Denmark´s Relationship to Africa´s Gold Coast, Past and Present
  • 6.10: Africa Seminar: Kjell Havnevik (University of Agder)
    Framing African Development – Challenging Concepts 
  • 1.10: Africa Seminar: Martin Brehm Christensen (Tax Justice Network) and Ole Therkildsen (Danish Institute for International Studies)
    Financing for Development - Taxation, transparency and transnational corporations
  • 18.9: Inaugural lecture: Karen Lauterbach (Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen)
    "A man's gift will make room for him": Wealth and Power in African Charismatic Christianity
  • 9.9: Africa Seminar: Mats Utas (Uppsala University)
    Engaging Ebola
  • 22.5: Film screening: Camilla Nielsson
  • 19.5: Africa Seminar: Abdulaziz Lodhi (Uppsala University)
    Language policies and their effects in Africa
  • 12.5: Panel discussion: Niels Kastfelt (Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen), Karen Lauterbach (Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen) and René Sølvsten Nissen (Soma Biblia, Danish Lutheran Mission)
    The past and present of missionary movements in Africa
  • 11.5: Africa Seminar: Louise Bethlehem (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
    Restless Cosmopolitanism: South African Jazz Exiles and Pan-Africanist Imaginaries
  • 23.3: Africa Seminar: Howard Stein (University of Michigan)
    Formalization, Dispossession and the G8 Land Agenda in Africa
  • 26.2: Africa Seminar: Saul Dubow (Queen Mary, University of London)
    The Idea of Apartheid
  • 25.2: Africa Seminar (in cooperation with The Danish Foreign Policy Society): Jesper Strudsholm (former Africa-correspondent at Politiken), Amanda Hammar (Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen) and Saul Dubow (Queen Mary, University of London)
    Reflections on South Africa - 25 years after Mandela's Release


  • 13.11: Africa Seminar: Gerhard Anders (University of Edinburgh)
    Transition and Justice: negotiating the terms of new beginnings in Africa
  • 12.11: OpenCAS event (in cooperation with CPH:DOX): Tolu Ogunlesi (journalist) and Herman Chinery-Hesse (innovator and software entrepreneur)
    African Futures
  • 10.11: Africa Seminar: Paul Mangwana and Douglas Mwonzora (Zimbabwean lawyers and politicians)
    Constitution-Making as Political Process: Experiences from Zimbabwe
  • 27.10: Africa Seminar: Dr. Cheikh Mbow (Senior Scientist on Climate Change and Development at World Agroforestry Centre)
    Agroforestry based measures for food security and climate change mitigation in Africa
  • 9.10: Africa Seminar: Amanda Hammar (Centre of African Studies at the University of Copenhagen) and Andrea Behrends (Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg)
    Book launch: Displacement Economies in Africa: Paradoxes of Crisis and Creativity
  • 7.10: Africa Seminar: Dr. Ali Said Faqi (the Somalia Ambassador to the European Union, based in Brussels) and
    A Realistic Approach to Stabilising Somalia
  • 18.9: Africa Seminar: Shari Eppel (Director of Solidarity Peace Trust, Zimbabwe)
    "Bones in the Forest" in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe: Silences, truth telling and exhumations in processes of transformation after violence
  • 11.9: Africa Seminar: Gareth Austin (Graduate Institute, Geneva)
    The State and Business in Ghana: Pre-colonial, Colonial, Post-Colonial (1807 to the Present)
  • 26.5: Africa Seminar: The Royal Danish Defence College and Centre of African Studies
    The problem of symmetrical irregular warfare and armed groups
  • 15.5: Africa Seminar: Linda Melvern (investigative journalist and Honorary Professor, University of Wales) and Dr. Gérard Prunier (Consultant and Senior Researcher, CNRS, Paris)
    Twenty years after the Genocide in Rwanda: status and future
  • 9.4: Africa Seminar: Timothy Raeymaekers (University of Zurich)
    Violent Capitalism on the Congo Border: Sovereignty in the Margins
  • 19.3: Africa Seminar: Thomas Bierschenk (Johannes Gutenberg University)
    Presentation and discussion of the book "States at Work: Dynamics of African Bureaucracies"


  • 5.12: Africa Seminar: Peter Kragelund (Roskilde University)
    Chinese soft power and higher education in Africa: the Confucius Institutes in University of Zambia
  • 31.10: Africa Seminar: Tove Degnbol (DANIDA)
    Perspectives on Danish Support to Development Research in the future with special focus on Africa
  • 24.10: Africa Seminar: Michael Whyte (University of Copenhagen)
    Do African Universities Exist?
  • 26.9: Africa Seminar: Bev Sithole (Charles Darwin University)
    Fifty shades of grey – my knowledge, your knowledge, whose knowledge is this? Critical reflections on the power and politics of knowledge between local people and researchers
  • 19.9: Africa Seminar: Hanne Kirstine Adriansen (Aarhus University) and Lene Møller Madsen (University of Copenhagen)
    Quality Assurance or Neo-Imperialism?
  • 12.9: Africa Seminar: David Maxwell (Cambrigde University)
    Religious Encounters and the Making of Modern Africa
  • 16.5: Africa Seminar: Galia Sabar (Tel Aviv University)
    Israel and the 'Holy Land': The Religio-Political Discourse of Rights among African Migrant Labourers and African Asylum Seekers, 1990-2008
  • 2.5: Africa Seminar: Harri Englund (University of Cambridge)
    Can the Poor Speak?: Free Speech and Moral Authority on a Zambian FM Radio
  • 18.4: Africa Seminar: Wolfgang Zeller (University of Edinburgh)
    African Borderlands: Crossroads of Academic Research and Policy
  • 11.4: Africa Seminar: Carlos Oya (SOAS)
    'Land grabs' in Africa: What do we know and why don't we know much?
  • 4.4: Africa Seminar: Simon Turner (Global Refugee Studies, Aalborg University)
    We wait for miracles: Ideas of hope among clandestine Burundian refugees in Nairobi
  • 19.3: Africa Seminar: Joel Barkan (University of Iowa)
    What next for Kenya after the elections?
  • 28.2: Africa Seminar: Edward Kirumira (Makerere University, Uganda)
    Developing a National HIV Prevention Policy for a mature epidemic (a case of Uganda)
  • 27.2: Africa Seminar: Ole Winckler Andersen (DANIDA)
    Er kvaliteten af Danidas evalueringer gode nok?
  • 14.2: Africa Seminar: Tobias Hagmann (Roskilde University)
    Spectres of the State: Problematics of Government after State Collapse in Somalia


  • 15.11: Africa Seminar: NAI 50 years anniversary: Kjell Havnevik (NAI)
    Food security and large scale agro investment in Africa: are they compatible?
  • 8.11: Africa Seminar: Ramon Sarró (University of Oxford)
    The biography of the Holy Ghost: prophecy and nationhood in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • 1.11: Africa Seminar: Frank Mugisha (Executive director of SMUG)
    Homophobia in Africa?
  • 30.10: Africa Seminar: Christian Friis Bach (Danish Minister for Development Cooperation)
    Africa - challenges and opportunities
  • 4.10: Africa Seminar: Georg Bob-Millar (University of Ghana)
    Consolidating Ghana's Democracy: reflections on the coming 2012 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections
  • 13.9: Africa Seminar: Sandra Roque (Consultancy Director of COWI Mozambique)
    Classifications, Constitution and Experience of Urban Space in Angola
  • 30.5: Africa Seminar: Alan J. Kuperman (University of Texas, Austin)
    NATO Intervention in Libya: A Humanitarian Succes?
  • 15.5: Africa Seminar: Professor Paul Collier
    The Plundered Planet?
  • 14.5: Africa Seminar: Joakim Gundel (KATUNI Consult)
    Where is the Transition Going?
  • 1.5: Africa Film Seminar: Mats Utas: (NAI)
    Jew-Man Business: Youth, Ex-combatants and Survival in Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • 22.3: Africa Seminar: Lise Rakner (University of Bergen)
    The Interplay Between Poverty and Electoral Authoritarianism: Poverty and Political Mobilization in Zambia and Uganda
  • 20.3: Book Launch: Signe Arnfred (Roskilde University)
    Sexuality and Gender Politics in Mozambique. Rethinking Gender in Africa
  • 23.2: Africa Seminar: Dr. Jason Sumich (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
    The Uncertainty of Nationalism: Alienation, The Middle Class and Narrative in Maputo, Mozambique



  • 7.12: Africa Seminar: Lovemore Madhuku and Munjodzi Mutandiri: Political Challenges in Zimbabwes Transition
  • 1.12: Africa Seminar: René Otayek (LAM)
    Islam in Africa: from political Islam to post-Islamism?
  • 10.11: Africa Seminar: Ben Jones (University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK)
    International NGOs and their use of media
  • 27.10: Africa Seminar: Dr. Miles Larmer (University of Sheffield)
    Katanga 1960-63: Alternative Imaginings of the African Nation-State
  • 13.10: Africa Seminar: Dr. Saul Dubow (University of Sussex)
    The Human Rights Moment in South Africa
  • 30.9: Africa Seminar: Karen Lauterbach (CAS) and André Sonnichsen (CAS)
    New research at Centre of African Studies 
  • 8.9: Semester Start Lecture and Film Presentation: Camilla Strandsbjerg (CAS) and Eric Hahonou (Global Studies, RUC)
    Yesterdays slaves. Democracy and ethnicity in Benin
  • 22.6: Africa Seminar: Thomas Blom Hansen (Stanford University)
    Africans and Indians. A story of mutual non-recognition
  • 26.5: Africa Seminar: Professor Brian Raftopoulos (University of Zimbabwe) and Shari Eppel (Director of the Solidarity Peace Trust) Perspectives on Zimbabwe’s Global Political Agreement
  • 24.5: Ph.d. Defence: Louise Mubanda Rasmussen (Centre of African Studies)
    From Dying with Dignity to Living with Rules
  • 9.5: Africa Seminar: Dorte Thorsen (University of Reading)
    Contextualising Children's Migration
  • 3.5: Africa Seminar: Frank Mugisha (Director of SMUG - Sexual Minorities Uganda)
    Homosexuality and Sexual Minorities in Uganda
  • 27.4: Africa Seminar: Dr. Adekeye Adebajo (University of Cape Town)
    The Curse of Berlin: Africa after the Cold War
  • 7.4: Africa Seminar: Dr. Bevlyne Sithole (Charles Darwin University)
    Looking for Africa in Australian Aboriginal Experience: Transacting Change among Indigenous Communities in Australia's Northern Territory
  • 4.4: Africa Seminar: Issaka K. Souaré (Institute for Security Studies)
    North Africa and the AU Response
  • 1.4: Africa Seminar: Linda Melvern (University of Wales) and Dr. Gérard Prunier (CNRS, Paris)
    War and conflict in the Great Lakes Region: Rwanda’s role and involvement in the wars in the Eastern DR. Congo. Causes and solutions to a chronic problem?
  • 14.3: Africa Seminar: Jørge Elklit (Århus Universitet)
    The Kriegler Report, Institutional Transformation and Democratic Consolidation in Kenya
  • 10.3: Africa Seminar: Linda Darkwa (University of Ghana, Legon)
    Beyond Abuja: Enhancing Security in West Africa through operationalizing the ECOWAS Convention on Small Arms in West Africa
  • 3.2: Africa Seminar: Joakim Gundel (KATUNI Consult, Hargeisa, Somaliland)
    Corruption, aid, and the persistence of conflict in Somalia



  • 8.12: Africa Seminar: Maria Eriksson Baaz (NAI, Uppsala), Robin May Schott (DIIS) and Signe Arnfred (RUC)
    Gender, Conflict and Violence in Africa: Conceptualizations, Contestations
  • 18.11: Africa Seminar: Brian James (Sierra Leonean short-story Writer)
    Writing in The Land of Lions and Mountains
  • 11.11: Africa Seminar: Professor Mohamed Salih (Honorary Doctorate at the University of Copenhagen for his approach to African politics)
    Interpreting Islamic Political Parties
  • 4.11: Africa Now Seminar: Tendai Frank Tagarira (Zimbabwean Writer)
    Battle for Freedom of Speech and Expression!
  • 14.10: Africa Seminar: Christianity and Development Aid in East Africa
  • 7.10: Africa Seminar: Dr. Lawrence Dritsas (University of Edinburgh)
    David Livingstone's Zambesi Expedition, 1858-64: exploring nature in southeastern Africa
  • 9.9: Inaugural lecture by MSO Professor Amanda Hammar
    The Paradoxes of Displacement: Place, Positionality and Productivity in Changing African Contexts
  • 10.6: Africa Seminar: Prof. Ajay Dubey (Director, Area Studies Programme on Africa, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India)
    Emerging Dimensions of Indo-African Relations
  • 10.5: Africa Seminar: Prof. Rene Lemarchand (professor in political science, University of Florida)
    Mass Murder in the Great Lakes: Making the Unspeakable Comprehensible
  • 15.4: Seminar and  book launch: M-Banking, an African Financial Revolution: Seminar in cooperation with United Nations Economic Commission for Africa: Ms Aida Opoku Mensah (director ICT, Science and Technology Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa), Ms Fatimata Sye Sylla (director Bokk Jang Bokk Jeff, Dakar-Senegal) & Dr Simon Bachelor (consultant on Mobile Government in Africa)
  • 8.4: Africa Seminar: Earnest Mudzengi (the Director of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA)) and Venitia Govender (a social justice and human rights activist)
    Zimbabwe's Inclusive Government - Breaking Promises or Bringing Progress?
  • 26.2: CAS 25th Anniversary
  • 10.2: Semester start seminar: Aili Mari Tripp (Professor of Political Science and Gender & Women's Studies, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Director of the Women's Studies Research Center)
    Women, Power, and Peacemaking in Africa



  • 9.12: Climate Wednesday: Special event
    To be Hungry and Negotiate Climate Change
  • 3.12: Africa seminar: Kurt Mosgaard (Head of Task force Africa)
    Task force Africa in perspective 
  • 2.12: Climate Wednesday: Mikkel Funder (DIIS)
    Low carbon development and poverty alleviation in Africa: The facts, the options and the critique
  • 26.11: Africa seminar: Thorkil Casse (Associate Professor at Department of Society and Globalisation, RUC)
    Do we understand the linkages between economic growth, poverty targets and poverty reduction?
  • 25.11: Climate Wednesday: Ole Emmik Sørensen
    CDM's and prospects for developing countries with special focus on Africa
  • 19.11: Africa seminar: Kakenya Ntayia (education activist from Kenya)
    The Academy for girls - education for girls in rural Kenya
  • 28.10: Climate Wednesday: Jonas Østergaard Nielsen (MA in anthropology, currently completing a PhD in geography at the University of Copenhagen)
  • 22.10: Africa seminar: Charles Kinga (cand.mag., African Studies)
  • 21.10: Climate Wednesday: Heila Lodz-Sisitka (Associated Professor, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa)
  • 15.10: Africa seminar: Martin Brehm Christensen (University of Copenhagen and Ibis)
  • 14.10: Climate Wednesday: Stig Jensen (director at Centre of African Studies) 
  • 8.10: Africa seminar: Nuradin Dirie (former presidential candidate in Somalia) 
  • 17.9: Africa seminar: Lindsay Whitfield (Project Senior Researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies)
    The Politics of Aid: African Strategies for Dealing with Donors
    Related documents: Aid Dependence Paper
  • 10.9: Africa Seminar: Maria Ploug Petersen (cand.mag., African Studies)
  • 1.9: Semester start lecture: professor Mohamed Salih (Honorary Doctorate at the University of Copenhagen; Professor of Politics of Development at International Institute of Social Studies, University of Rotterdam) 
  • 15.5: Africa Seminar: Maxi Shoeman (head of the Department of Political Sciences at the University of Pretoria)
    The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) - does it value?
  • 12.5: Africa Seminar: Catherine Kennedy (Programme Coordinator, South African History Archive (SAHA))
    Sources of Freedom Struggle - Anti-apartheid archives and the use of history in democratic transition
  • 7.5: African Youth and Copenhagen University
    Young Africans' view on the Africa Commission - A debate meeting with 8 young Africans participating in the Danish Africa Commission
  • 28.4: Africa Seminar: Dr. Dag Henrichsen
    Pastoral modernity, territoriality and the Genocide in German-Southwest Africa (Nambia) 
  • 22.4: Africa Seminar: Matthew Engelke 
    Post Pentecostalism - Notes on the Multi-temporal dimensions of Rupture
  • 24.3: Africa Seminar: Stig Jensen (Director Centre of African Studies) Perspektiver på det nye indisk-afrikanske partnerskab
  • 17.3. Seminar: Modern Islamic Legal Pluralism in Africa - Focus on authority and the family
  • 10.3: Africa Seminar: Peter Tygesen (journalist) 
    De gode menneskers land - Perspektiver på evaluering af dansk udviklingsbistand med Mozambique som case
  • Public seminar: Thomas Mandrup (research fellow at the Institute of Strategy, Royal Danish Defence College)
    Is peace in sight? - The recent developments in the conflict in the DR Congo
  • 10.2: Africa Seminar: Poul Erik Lauridsen (Anthropologist and Programme and Climate Change Manager at CARE Danmark)



Nordic Africa Day, 9 - 10 October 2008