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14 May 2018

Book chapter: Fishing in Dangerous Waters?

How Narratives of Piracy and Insecurity Shaped Development Initiatives in the Somaliland Fishery Sector.

In a recently published chapter, Associate Professor Stig Jensen and former CAS student Amanda Møller Rasmussen reflect upon how narratives about Somali piracy and the threat of unsecured waters shaped development initiatives in the Somaliland fishery sector. Based on short-term fieldwork in 2014 and 2016, and the mapping of donor relationships and epistemic communities within the field, the chapter investigates what changed for the Somaliland fishery sector to attain the global community’s attention. The chapter proposes that a major change of events was the successful linkage of security and development interests, which by articulating a linkage between piracy reduction and local fishery capacity-building, led to, for better or for worse, large amounts of development revenue to the sector since 2012.

The chapter is part of the edited book Marketing Management in Africa that investigates marketing management and entrepreneurial activities in Africa, which can be found on Routledge's homepage.