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22 December 2017

Communicating Africa: Need to know – Nice to know


Publicity in Danish Development Research Network's reviews about CAS Africa Seminar: Communicating Africa

In Spring 2017, Center of African Studies (CAS), organised a seminar to discuss how Africa is represented by media and non-governmental organisations.

Amongst the speakers were:  Søren Bendixen, Africa Correspondent at DR. Amanda Hammar Director of Centre of African Studies. Stig Jensen, Associate Professor at Centre of African Studies. Ben Jones, Senior Lecturer in Development Studies at University of East Anglia, and Morten Nielsen, Head of Secretariat of Afrika Kontakt. The seminar was moderated by communications adviser, Hanne Selnæs .

Danish Development Research Network (DDRN) has made a review and brief summary of the important topics that were discussed. You can read the  review here.