Exams information for Part time/Open University Students and Professionel Master Students

The student has three exam attempts for each course. All three exam attempts have to be conducted within a year following the conclusion of the course.

Exam registration - first exam attempt

You will be registered for exam upon course registration. Please make sure that your exam registrations are correct .

Re-exam registration - send an email to evu@teol.ku.dk

Deadline for reexamination in week 8/9: Wednesday in week 4 to wednesday in week 5. Deadline for reexamination in week 35: Wednesday in week 29 to Wednesday in week 30. Deadline for reexamination in june: Wednesday in week 10 to Wednesday in week 11. Deadline for reexamination in January: Wednesday in week 37 to Wednesday in week 38.

If your exam result is published after the deadline you should also send an email as soon as you get the result.

Exam periods and dates and schedule

All examinations are held in the prescribed exam periods, i.e. in December and January/early February (winter exams) and May and June (summer exams). Re-examinations are held in week 9 (autumn semesters) and week 35 (spring semesters) for students who have been ill or have not passed the exams. Examination Time Schedule at KUnet

Professionel Master final project (link)

Digital Exams - submission of written exams

All written exams are to be submittet at eksamen.ku.dk - read about Digital Exam at Kunet

Deferral of examination due to illness

Students who have been prevented from sitting exams due to illness must send a doctor's statement to evu@teol.ku.dk

Rules for exam and plagiarism

All relevant information regarding exams including rules on plagiarism and types of examinations etc. can be found on the CAS KUnet page at the following link Exam information for Students at the Centre of African Studies