Religare Project


The report ‘Danish Regulation of Religion, State of Affairs and Qualitative Reflections’ is the Danish contribution to the European research project RELIGARE, which investigates religious diversity and secular models in Europe from 2010 to 2013. The Danish report is based on 20 qualitative interviews with key elites from the Danish public sphere. Following a short introduction to the State of Affairs in Denmark, the report explores the four main areas of research in RELIARE, Religion and Family, Religion and Labour Market, Religion and the Public Sphere and finally Religion and State Support.

RELIGARE project, funded by the EU, is a three-year research project (feb 2010- Jan 2013) on religious pluralism and secularisme in Europe. It involves 7th Framework programme, 12 universities and research centers from across the European Union and Turkey. RELIGARE inquires into responses to and experiences with religious diversity and its challenges within four spheres:

  • The family
  • The labour market
  • The public space
  • Public fundings for religions in Europe 

Expected results from the project are:

  • A database containing case law
  • Academic publications in various legal and sociological journals in different languages making the findings accessible to the academic world
  • Policy briefs informing policy-makers at the EU, Council of Europe, national and local levels about RELIGARE’s findings
  • Materials for e-learning

The Danish research team consists of: Prof. Jørgen S. Nielsen (chair), Prof. Lisbet Christoffersen, Prof. Hanne Petersen, Ph.D. fellow Niels Valdemar Vinding and student assistant Karen Giødesen