Per Christian Madsen, Director General of the National Museum

Cultural Heritage – a look at the churches from the view of an antiquarian


Chr. Hjort-Andersen, Professor emeritus, Departments of Economics, Copenhagen University

Economic instruments for conservation


Lisbet Christoffersen, Professor (MSO) Roskilde University

Governance of cultural heritage; the case of church buildings in Denmark


Søren Bøye Olsen, Associate Professor, Department of Food and Resource Economics, Copenhagen University

Economic valuation: how and why?


Trine Bille, Associate Professor, MSc(Economics), Ph.D. Copenhagen Business School

Two Cases for valuation of cultural goods

National Theatre (Denmark)

Hidden archeological artefacts(Denmark)


Ilde Rizzo, Professor, Department of Economics and Business, University of Catania

Economic valuation of cultural heritage


Magdalena Hillström: Assistant Professor, Department of Culture Studies, Linköping University

PowerPoint & Script

Old Churches, New Values: Use and Management of Church Buildings in a New Society. Link to the projekts homepage

How was the Church of Sweden Transformed into a National Cultural Heritage? Link to the projekts homepage


Sidsel Kjems, Ph.d. Fellow, Department of Food and Resource Economics, Copenhagen University

Who is financing the maintenance of cultural heritage in relation to churches at present (Northern Europe)


Linda Woodhead, Professor, Politics, Philosophy and Religion, Lancaster University
Janneke Blokland, Dr, Church of England Diocese of Salisbury

The future of church buildings in England - some research findings 

Jes Heise Rasmussen, Ph.d. Fellow, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, Copenhagen University

Attitudes towards closing local schools, libraries or churches


Oscar Salemink, Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen

The HERA project: “The heritagization of religion and the sacralization of heritage in contemporary Europe”