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CJMC Book Launch: Humanity in God's Image

Claudia Welz, Humanity in God’s Image: An Interdisciplinary Exploration, Oxford: Oxford University Press (August 2016).

How can we, in our times, understand the biblical concept that human beings have been created in the image of an invisible God? This is a perennial but increasingly pressing question that lies at the heart of Jewish and Christian theological anthropology. It links up human self-knowledge and existence before God. The present study re-considers ‘humanity in God’s image’ after the Holocaust. Does it still make sense to claim inalienable dignity as grounded in human likeness to God when remembering de-humanizing crimes against humanity? Yet can we understand human existence in the face of evil and suffering without this notion? How can human dignity be recognized where it is unapparent? As a normative, counter-factual notion, it challenges us to see more than we can see optically. In this book, theological and ethical ‘visions’ of the invisible are discussed in an interdisciplinary exploration that also includes poetry and painted self-portraits.

At the book release party, the author will give a short presentation of her book, and three invited discussants - namely Jennifer Geddes (University of Virginia), René Dausner (Universität Eichstätt), and Niels Henrik Gregersen (University of Copenhagen) - will address selected aspects in conversation with the author.

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Humanity in Gods Image

See dedicated web page: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/humanity-in-gods-image-9780198784982