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  • 3 March 2017, 16:15-18:00

    CJMC Book Launch: Poetologie „nach Auschwitz“

    Jessica Ortner, Poetologie „nach Auschwitz“: Narratologie, Semantik und sekundäre Zeugenschaft in Elfriede Jelineks Roman Die Kinder der Toten, Berlin: Frank & Timme 2016. » Read more

  • 7 April 2017, 15:15-18:00

    New Documentary: "Shadows - when the past rules the present"

    A new documentary by Anne Gyrithe Bonne » Read more

  • 15 September 2017, 13:15-15:00

    Open lecture by Holger Schulze: 'The Sonic Persona'

    A Humanoid Alien – like you or like me – incessantly experiences a complicated mix of sequences in everyday life in which articulations of other aliens or non-aliens become audible and sensible. They force us into surprising if not unsettling, maybe serendipitous, encounters. This lecture explores the effects and the affects of these audible articulations in three steps: The Substance of a Situation in which a sonic experience takes place – non-verbal, verbal, erratic and relational – is explored and analyzed in its phenomenological ramifications; then Sonic Materialism (Cox, Schrimshaw, Kim-Cohen et al.) is explicated; and, finally, A Generative Felt Sense resulting of one’s corporeal sensibility and the encountered sensory experiences is being outlined: How are you and I enveloped in audible articulations that generate new actions as new concepts and form us as a Sonic Persona? Holger Schulze is full professor in musicology at the University of Copenhagen and principal investigator at the Sound Studies Lab. His research focuses on the cultural history of the senses, sound in popular culture and the anthropology of media. Selected book publications: Sound Studies (2008, ed.), Gespür (2013), Sound as Popular Culture (2016, ed.), The Sonic Persona (forthcoming in 2018). Participation is free, but online registration required by September 12, 2017 » Read more

  • 20 October 2017, 13:15-17:30

    Phenomenology of Listening (no. 1): Theology

    It is no coincidence that we often use acoustic metaphors in order to describe the relation between interiority and exteriority. The sense of hearing can be seen as the door to the soul (Johann Gottfried Herder), but it is also essential for a human being’s openness to the external world. » Read more

  • 10 November 2017, 13:15-15:00

    Open Lecture by Andrew Benjamin: 'Listening, Writing and the Founding of the Law: Notes on Exodus 32:19-20'

    Moses listened to the word of God. And yet the registration of those words is writing; writing as that which can be understood as an-original mediation. The aim of this lecture will be to look in detail at the problem of immediacy and mediation and ask the question of the extent to which listening might be understood as a form of reading. » Read more