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CJMC in the media

About the plan of establishing the center:

- Claudia Welz: Description of current research and plans for the future on occasion of receiving the Elite Research prize (07.02.2013, see article and video-interviewon the homepage of the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education).

- Erin Davie and Mike Young: “Memory and identity after Auschwitz” in: University Post, University of Copenhagen (08.03.2013).

- Heidi Laura: “Nogen skal huske det” in: Weekendavisen 11 (15.03.2013), IDÉER, 8f.

- Claudia Welz: “Fokus på post-Holocaust teologi, filosofi og litteratur” in: TEOL-information 48 (2013), 10-13.

About the launch of the center:

- News posted by the University of Copenhagen: ”KU får center for moderne jødisk tænkning” (08.05.2014).

About the current situation in Denmark:

- Feature article by Claudia Welz: “Du skal ikke være en, der ser på” in: Weekendavisen 8 (20.02.2015), Kronik, 15.

- On May 4, 2015, Claudia Welz was invited to deliver the sermon at a Danish memorial service in Gilleleje Church on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Denmark’s liberation from German occupation in 1945. Read the sermon here

- Why do we need a research center for Jewish thought in modern culture - and why in Denmark? Article by Claudia Welz: “CJMC: Et tværfagligt forskningscenter for moderne jødisk tænkning på Københavns Universitet” in: Jødisk Orientering 87:2 (March 2016), 10-11.