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BiCuM: The Centre for Bible and Cultural Memory


BiCuM is a centre connected with The Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen. It is sponsored by The Danish Council for Independent Research, Program for Female Heads of Research.

The notion of cultural memory is the decisive factor in a society's reconstruction of the past through a number of media. BiCuM investigates how memory is a fundamental instrument in the formation of cultural, religious, ethnic, and national identity in the Old Testament. The research of the Centre demands an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on relevant studies of the Eastern Mediterranean area in Antiquity.

The past as constituted in memory through the presence of the collective frames of memory is the subject to the Centre's investigation. This memory of the past includes space and buildings, family, classes, sex and ethnicity, kingdom and nation. Special interest attracts the negotiation of cultural memory between local identities and "global" (imperial) culture. Read more