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BiCuMs logo

Usmû or Isimud is a minor god who functions as a vizir, or minister, to the god Ea. He acts as a messenger. Ea is the sweet water and god of wisdom. The name Usmû possibly means "with two faces". Iconographic he often appears like on the logo telling Ea what he registers: With one face seeking in the past, with the other one looking in the future. 

From the Roman mythology Janus was the god of gates, door, doorways, but also beginnings and endings. He is most often depicted having two faces or heads, facing in opposite directions, to see both future and past.  In etrurian mythology we know a two-headed god named Culdans. He is god for the door, openings and probably there exist a relationship to the hittite god Gulsant, related to the word Güls, which means "mark" or "to influence".

In Nordic Mythology Odin have two ravens Hugin and Munin, "thought" and "memory".  They fly all over the world and tell Odin about what they have seen and heard. The logo unites the information about the two faced god Usmû and the base in the Cultural memory research; being aware of memory in the past and the organization of the future. 

The logo is designed by Bettina Hovgaard-Schulze.