Centre for Church Research

The aim of the centre is to conduct research in 1) the practice and communication forms of Christianity and the churches, 2) the institutional and social conditions of the churches, 3) the contributions of the churches to coherence and identity of the Danish society, and 4) the general development of religion in Denmark.

The central area of research is the current situation of the Danish Folk Church as it appears on different church related, religious and social levels. Research is continuously implemented in education and course programmes as well as through conferences and other initiatives.

Church research is conducted by Section for Practical Theology in cooperation with staff members of Department for Church History and Department for Systematic Theology. As part of the concentration on the multifaceted reality of the Danish Folk Church work is conducted interdisciplinary, aiming at synergy and interaction between different methods and analytic models, combining approaches from dogmatics, history, linguistics, anthropology, church and religion law, and sociology.

The research of the centre is conducted within the following main themes:

Forms of Church Practices
including liturgy and service, hymnology and church music, preaching, pastoral care, religious education, diaconia and social work, mission and religious dialogue.

Church in society
including community life, theology of ministry, pastoral work, historical sources and analyses, empirical sources and analyses, the structure of the Danish Folk Church, leadership and law, analyses of the future of the Folk Church, ecclesiology, ecumenical relations and interdisciplinary contributions.

The Advisory Board of the Centre consists of

Anita Hansen Engdahl, Ass. Professor, MTheol (Danish Church Institute for Pastoral Education, Copenhagen), Erik Norman Svendsen, Bishop (former Copenhagen), Kirsten Donskov Felter, Research Assistant, PhD, Anders Holm, Postdoc, PhD, Hans Raun Iversen, Director of Centre, MTheol., Kirsten Busch Nielsen, Professor, DrTheol., Niels Reeh, Postdoc, PhD (Dept. of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen)