Staff at Centre for Naturalism og Christian Semantics


Troels Engberg-Pedersen, Prof. and Director of CNCS
Born in 1948, Engberg-Pedersen studied Classics and Ancient Philosophy at the University of Copenhagen (1967-74) and Oxford University (1974-76) and gradually, from 1986 onwards, moved into Theology and the New Testament (Research Professor in 1986-1991, then Lecturer and eventually Professor from 2001). His main research is on Aristotle, Stoicism and Paul in an ancient and contemporary perspective.

Niels Henrik Gregersen PhD, Prof. and co-Director of CNCS

Born 1956 I earned my PhD from Copenhagen University 1987. Having held several faculty positions at Aarhus University, I came back to my alma mater in 2004. In addition to my work in contemporary constructive theology, I specialize in the field of science & religion, in particular in the philosophy of evolutionary biology and the sciences of complexity


Runar M. Thorsteinsson, Postdoc
I was born and raised in Iceland. In 1993-98 I studied religion and theology at the University of Iceland. Having moved to Sweden in 1998, I earned my Ph.D. degree in New Testament Studies at Lund University in 2003 (Docent in 2009). In 2003-2007 I was a research fellow (post.doc.) at Lund University, and in 2007-2009 an Assistant Professor at Lund University and Linköping University.

Johanne Stubbe Teglbjærg, Postdoc
Born in 1974, I work as a postdoctoral research fellow and specialize in contemporary constructive theology. I am currently working on a project about a Trinitarian concept of God in relation to the phenomenology of the body. I earned my PhD in 2009 from Copenhagen University. I have studied in Munich and Bonn and done a year of my research at the Gradual Theological Union, Berkeley, CA.

Stefan Nordgaard, Postdoc
Born in 1976, I received my PhD-degree from the Faculty of Theology at the University of Copenhagen in 2007. As a postdoc at the Centre for Naturalism and Christian Semantics I specialize in early Christian studies and ancient philosophy. I have previously worked extensively on Philo of Alexandria and the Letter to the Hebrews, but my current research focuses mainly on the apostle Paul and Origen of Alexandria.

Anne Leona Cesarine Runehov, Postdoc
Anne L.C. Runehov is Dr. in Theology (Philosophy of Religion), MA in Theoretical Philosophy and post-doc. fellow at the CNCS. Co-ed. in chief for Encyclopedia of Sciences and Religions, (Springer) and for the Copenhagen Discussions in Science and Religion. Ed. for the European Journal of Science and Theology. Director of the Copenhagen Network for Science and Religion. Winner of the ESSSAT Research Prize 2006.

René Rostfort, Postdoc
Born in 1975, PhD in 2008 from Center for Subjectivity Research at The University of Copenhagen. Previously I have studied theology in Copenhagen (1996-1999) and philosophy at Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy (2000-2004). I am currently working within the fields of philosophy of emotions and psychopathology. I am also interested in the many questions about naturalism, in particular with regard to the notion of personhood.


Lars Sandbeck, Postdoc
Born 1974. I studied theology at Aarhus University from 1997 to 1998, and from 1998 to 2004 at the University of Copenhagen. I earned my PhD degree in theology on the topic of philosophical and theological theories of imagination in 2009. I have done research in and written about philosophy of language, narrative and mytho-poetic theology, the Danish teologian and Kierkegaard-scholar Johannes Sløk, critique of religion, and 'the new atheism'. Recently, I have begun studying apophatic theology with special focus on this tradition's conceptions of nature, particularly human nature.


Gitte Buch-Hansen, Postdoc


Tilde Bak, PhD-student


Frederik Mortensen, PhD-student