Solitudes Withdrawal and Engagement (finished)

How to be in the world but not of the world? SOLITUDES: WITHDRAWAL AND ENGAGEMENT IN THE LONG SEVENTEENTH CENTURY examined the tension between religious withdrawal from the world and societal engagement, and pursued this tension in texts, artworks, music, buildings and artefacts.

The research project SOLITUDES grew out of a research interest in how early modern believers understand their being in the world and the ways in which this understanding is brought to the fore in texts, images, architecture, music and artefacts. The outline of the project was defined by individual research, in situ explorations in Halle and Paris and interaction with fellow scholars from a broad range of disciplines.

The RESEARCH TEAM is: Mette Birkedal Bruun (PI, church history), Sven Rune Havsteen (associate professor, church history / history of musical culture), Kristian Mejrup (PhD-fellow, church history), Eelco Nagelsmit (postdoc, art history /architectural history) and Lars Nørgaard (PhD-fellow, church history).

The project finished in 2017. 














































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