The Palestine History and Heritage Curriculum Project

The Palestine History and Heritage project intends to offer a non-biblically based re-evaluation of Palestine’s history and culture rooted in current archaeological, ethnographic and anthropological developments

As a corrective of earlier histories, this project will view the land of Palestine as an interrelated whole with historically shifting boundaries and will recognize the composite nature of the Palestinian peoples and cultures in a multi-vocal representation of Palestine’s heritage.










































Navn Titel Telefon E-mail
Mahmoud Issa Ph.d. Senior Researcher +45 35323650
Ingrid Hjelm  Associate Professor +45 29620509
Thomas L. Thompson  Professor emeritus + 45 29620689

Steering Committee:

Navn Titel E-mail
Hamdan Taha Vice President for Academic Affair at al-Istiqlal University
Ilan Pappe Director of Institute of Palestine Studies, University of Exeter
Ingrid Hjelm Associate Professor Emerita, University of Copenhagen
Mahmoud Hawari Ph.D. Islamic archaeology, art and architecture

Faiha Abdulhadi Director General of Al Rowat for Studies and Research, Ramallah and Amman
Issa Sarie Director, The High Institute of Archaeology, Al Quds University, Abu Dis
Mahmoud Issa Ph.D.