The International Mentor Programme

All international students have an assigned mentor, with whom they can choose to be in contact. Your mentor is a Danish student who can help you with practical aspects of your stay, and help you establish a network of friends and fellow international and Danish students.

Before your arrival to Denmark, a mentor will contact you with information about the International Mentor Programme. You must then report back whether or not you wish to be a part of the programme. It is not mandatory to participate. However, should you choose not to participate, we do recommend that you save your mentor's contact information in case you need it during your stay in Denmark.

We strongly encourage all our international students to participate in the mentor programme. The mentors at our faculty want to help you make your stay as successful as possible – both practically and socially. Being students themselves, the mentors can introduce you to the social events for all students at the faculty – both Danish and international. Thus, already upon your arrival, you will have an established point of contact and an established social netowrk, both of which may turn out to be useful to you.

As your mentor contacts you by e-mail prior to your arrival in Denmark it is imperative that the e-mail address which you write in your application is valid, and that you check your inbox regularly in July/August and December/January.

You can always reach the current mentor at this email address: