Challenge Seminar: PRIVACY and Legal Research in Biomedical Innovation

Challenge Seminar with Professor Timo Minssen

We welcome you to the second Challenge Seminar at PRIVACY.
This time Professor Timo Minssen Director of the Center for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law (CeBIL) will join the PRIVACY team to give an introduction to the legal research in regards to biomedical innovation and share his perspectives on privacy as seen through his field of research.

Timo Minssen writes:

"Biomedical innovation is experiencing changes of epic proportions. Rapid progress in many scientific areas, such as gene editing, pharmacogenomics, artificial intelligence and big data-driven precision medicine have greatly advanced the promises and opportunities of the health and life sciences. But these advances also pose a many regulatory challenges. The overall aim and ambition of our research at CeBIL is to contribute to the translation of groundbreaking biomedical research into safe, effective, affordable and accessible therapies by analyzing the most significant legal challenges to pharmaceutical innovation and public health from a cross-disciplinary perspective. Within this trajectory, privacy is extremely relevant in many context, such as when immense amounts of healthcare data are gathered to develop new therapies and train algorithms, and where such data is then shared to oversee it. In each case, patient-oriented data privacy is a concern. Recently enacted European legislation (GDPR) and US legislation (CPA) places strict constraints on the type of patient and health data that can processed. During our seminar I will describe CeBIL’s research and illustrate where, why and how privacy is important in order to identify potential collaboration between PRIVACY and CeBIL."

About Timo Minssen

Timo Minssen is director of the Center for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law (CeBIL). His primary research areas concentrates on Intellectual Property- (IP) and Competition Law with a special focus on the pharma, life science & biotech sectors. One principal objective of his research is to explore various legal issues that emerge during the lifecycle of related products and processes, i.e. from research & invention to technology transfer and commercialization.
Read more about Timo Minssen here.

About the Challenge Seminars:

PRIVACY hosts two Challenge seminars each semester. Here, the PRIVACY’s research team join with invited experts on such topics as surveillance, privacy rights, medical ethics, work-life balance or social cohesion, to pose mutual research challenges. This is the second Challenge Seminar. You can read more about the last seminar "What's Private in Private Economy?" with Professor David Dreyer here.

The talk will be followed by a 45 minute debate.

The event is open to all, but please sign up here.