PRIVACY Seminar: Zones of Privacy in the Early Modern Netherlands

Early modern Netherlands was a place teeming with social change. There, recently arrived religious groups shared territory with those already established, who saw their standing threatened by political and religious upheaval. These new social dynamics had consequences for how people understood privacy. During the international seminar Zones of Privacy in the Early Modern Netherlands, we will focus on methodologies for analyses of historical evidence of diverse practices of privacy. Our Amsterdam Case Team will be joined by specialists on the history of the Netherlands more broadly, to study local historical material pertinent to privacy studies. We will examine egodocuments (including autobiography, memoirs, diaries, letters) and their methodology, the Sephardic Jewish community, the Court Beguinage, hidden temples, private chapels and, of course, ships. 

The seminar is free and open to all. Please sign up here. 

NB.: If you want to join the guided tour at Rosenborg Castle Friday 22 March, please send Centre Administrator Maj Riis Poulsen an email. We have a limited amount of tickets.