PRIVACY SEMINAR: Historical Notions of Privacy in Latin America

Online Seminar Series

Porto Alegre’s Spiritist Hospital in the early twentieth century. Source.

This series of seminars aims to address historical issues of privacy in Latin America, in Europe, and transregionally. Each month, one of the participants will present a work-in-progress, which will be circulated in advance and discussed online via zoom. This event is open, and scholars of all countries are welcome to join. Meetings will be held on the last Thursday of the month at 17:00 CEST/CET. Exceptions will be informed in advance. The language of the seminar is English. If necessary, questions in Portuguese or Spanish can be posted on the chat and will be translated.


The next session will be on Thursday, October 29 2020, 17:00 CEST

Prof. Beatriz Teixeira Weber will present her WIP:

Religious perceptions of health treatments in Brazil in the first half of the twentieth century

Abstract: Religious perceptions of healing changed in Brazil during the first half of the twentieth century, mostly due to the criminalization of the unlicensed practice of medicine. Those religious perceptions had to become private decisions, which should not be divulged in public, despite being a significant part of the internal discussions in several religious groups, such as the Spiritists. This paper will discuss the practical definitions used by the Spiritist, especially in confrontation with the Catholic discourse, and which strategies were being adopted by them in face of the new restrictions. The internal publications of Spiritist groups that aimed to offer remedy prescriptions to their participants will be the main source for this paper.

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