1 September 2018

Minorités et mentalités religieuses en Europe moderne

PRIVACY scholar Michaël Green has edited a collection of articles in French and English by late scholar Myriam Yardeni, on the religious minorities and mentalities, based on the example of the Huguenots in the sixteenth and the seventeenth centuries. Michaël Green has previously dedicated much of his work to the study of the Huguenots in spheres of education, career and intellectual ideas, see his work: The Huguenot Jean Rou (1638-1711): Scholar, Educator, Civil Servant, Paris, 2015.

Myriam Yardeni (1932-2015) was born in Romania, lived and worked most of her life in Israel, and obtained her doctorate at the Sorbonne in Paris. Her academic work focused mainly on French national conscience in the early modern period and on religious minorities, foremost the Jews and the French Huguenots, their migrations, persecutions, intellectual development and interfaith relations.

The book: Minorités et mentalités religieuses en Europe moderne was published on 31 August 2018 by Honoré Champion, Paris, in series Vie des huguenots, vol. 80.

For more information on the book and orders, visit the publisher’s website: https://www.honorechampion.com/fr/champion/10845-book-08534862-9782745348623.html

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