3 October 2023

PRIVACY welcomes new guest PhD Fellow Taís Giacomini Tomazi

We are happy to welcome our newest guest researcher Taís Giacomini Tomazi

Taís has a degree in History from the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM), a master's degree in History from the Post Graduate Program of the same institution and is currently a PhD candidate at UFSM, having been approved for a 6-month fellowship between UFSM-CAPES and the Centre for Privacy Studies, University of Copenhagen.


Her research aims, through objects (things), to analyze cultural elements of everyday life and material culture in a quantitative approach. The research is focused on the southern border of the Empire of Brazil in the 19th century, which is also a border that connects the province of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) and the national states of Argentina and Uruguay. The focus and efforts of the research are to organize and understand, based on inventories, the presence (or absence) of personal objects and belongings during the 19th century in the private space, the home, and to seek their use in order to better understand the daily life of that region.


We look forward to collaborating with Taís!