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Major Events

15.-16. September 2016 Břevnov Benedictine Archabbey in Prague, Czech Republic 

HERA JRP Cultural Encounters & Uses of the Past Conference. Read the talk held by ProNoLa project leader Lisbet Christoffersen

24.-26. August 2017  Rosendal/Bergen:  

Symposium on Confessionalization & Institutionalization (ca. 1530s-ca. 1730s) and Consolidation & Codification (ca. 1660-ca. 1820)

11.-14. December 2017 Uppsala:                  

Symposium on Constitutionalization & Hegemonization (ca. 1800s-1950s)

26.-29. August 2018 Helsinki:                  

Symposium on Re-confessionalization and Internationalization (ca. 1914-today)

2018/2019                 Göttingen:                

Conference on Norden meets Europe