Kierkegaard Project Seminar: Amanda Houmark Andersen – Københavns Universitet

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Kierkegaard Project Seminar: Amanda Houmark Andersen

Amanda Houmark Andersen: Subjectivity is the Problem: Anxiety and Love in Kierkegaard?

In this seminar, I seek to establish an understanding of how emphasizing the connection between the concepts of anxiety and love might serve as a further argument for the Kierkegaard-reception, which stresses the existential dialectics of both Kierkegaard’s anthropology and his ethics. In the analysis of these two concepts, which Kierkegaard said 'to be in the ground of man', I argue that love, or 'the purity of heart' should not be seen as an alternative or solution to anxiety or ambiguity. Instead, I will suggest that understanding the two concepts together unveils how the single individual is in a constant flux between entangling himself in a self-enclosed reserve and opening up to the risks of "simultaneously to be out on 70,000 fathoms of water and yet be joyful".