CANCELLED: Kierkegaard Today: Existential Ethics With or Without Religion

This event has been cancelled due to the corona lockdown. 

SKC Research Seminar, Spring 2020

Friday, April 24 from 13.15 to 16.00

How can we make sense of and—perhaps more importantly—how can we use Kierkegaard’s existential ethics today? This is a challenge confronting the interpretation and use of all traditional moral philosophers, but with Kierkegaard this challenge becomes more critical because of the explicit Christian nature of the authorship. We live in multicultural societies where a radical Christian outlook like the one we find in Kierkegaard’s work is both culturally and philosophically problematic. There are of course many ways of trying to solve this issue. At least three different interpretative strategies present themselves. The first two options are seemingly conflicting positions: while one argues that our only option is to secularise Kierkegaard’s ethics if it is to contribute to current debates in moral philosophy, the other claims that it is exactly in the specific Christian aspect of Kierkegaard’s ethics that we find his most important contribution. The third option is the more moderate argument that we should not secularise Kierkegaard’s ethics, but that his contribution to moral philosophy does not depend on the particular Christian character of his ethics. This seminar will explore these interpretative strategies, the relevance of Kierkegaard’s ethics, and the costs and benefits of secularising Kierkegaard’s Christianity.

13.15-13.45 René Rosfort: How to Be a Good Sinful Creature: On the Function of Sin in Kierkegaard’s Ethics

13.45-14.00 Discussion

14.00.-14.15 Break (coffee/tea/water)

14.15-14.45 Mélissa Fox-Muraton: Distinctiveness without Distinction: Secularising Kierkegaard's Concepts for a Contemporary Existential Ethics

14.45-15.00 Discussion

15.00-15.15 Break (coffee/tea/water)

15.15-15.45. Karl Verstrynge: If Our Duty to Love is 'of Divine Origin'. Some Ongoing Remarks on the Strained Relation between Ethics and Religion, with the Convictions of Søren Kierkegaard Held as an Example

15.45-16.00 Discussion

Location: Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen. Karen Blixens Plads 16, 2300 DK-Copenhagen. Room: 6B.0.22.

Organiser: Søren Kierkegaard Research Centre

All are welcome. No registration is necessary.