17. december 2020

Call for submissions to the Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook


The deadline for contributions to the Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook is 15 november 2021

The goal of the Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook is to advance Kierkegaard studies by encouraging top-level scholarship in the field. The editorial and advisory boards are deeply committed to creating a genuinely international forum for publication, which integrates the many different traditions of Kierkegaard studies and brings them into a constructive and fruitful dialogue. To this end the Yearbook publishes articles from all related fields (philosophy, theology, literary studies, etc.) in English, French and German.


Joakim Garff          Heiko Schulz         Karl Verstrynge         Jon Stewart

Deadline: 15 november 2021

Submissions should be sent to the editorial secretary, Peter Šajda at: ksyb@degruyter.com

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