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Section for Systematic Theology

The Systematic Theology Section consists of the subjects Dogmatics, Ethics, the Philosophy of Religion, and Practical Theology. The systematic subjects place particular emphasis on the conceptual and philosophical aspects of theology, and therefore on Christianity's relationship with other contemporary perspectives upon life and the world.

Dogmatics reflects on how tradition has regarded the Christian faith's content in changing cultural, religious and political contexts, and considers what might be made of the binding content of faith in the present day.

Ethics reflects upon contemporary moral practices from a theological and philosophical perspective. This covers both questions about the basis and limitations of ethics, and specific ethical problems in inter-human relationships, politics, economics, ecology and biotechnology.

The Philosophy of Religion looks at the interpretation of reality as expressed in Christianity and other belief systems. Particular emphasis is placed on the current relationship between philosophy and theology.

The task of Practical Theology is to explore Christianity's forms of communication in church services, preaching, teaching, pastoral care and parochial life, including the diaconate and mission work.

The Section has a major teaching and supervisory role, conducts wide-ranging research, and disseminates the results to the general public. There are currently 10 full-time teachers and 15 PhD students.