The Dynamics between Market Orientation, Individualization, and Social Capital. The Case of the Danish National Church.

The Danish society is decisively impacted by market orientation and individualization with the consequent changes in its social capital. This project examines the dynamics between these three tendencies with particular regard to the public cultural institutions, using The Danish National Church as an empirical case. 

The project will cover three levels:

  • The social structure (including legal, economic, administrative and political factors)

  • The members and users of the church

  • The connections between the levels (resource mobilization, links between self-understanding, resource allocation, and participation, and the institutions’ production of public goods)

In a country with reliable public statistics and a population ready to respond to questioning the Danish National Church as a major cultural institution is well suited to such a survey. The results will contribute to the international debate on the consequences and limits of market orientation in relation to cultural institutions.

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