Study programmes at the Faculty of Theology


The Faculty of Theology runs study programmes in three subjects:

  • Theology
  • The Religious Roots of Europe
  • African Studies

Theology covers a wide range of subject areas, history, language, religion, literature, ethics, society and philosophy, and yet has its own specific study profile. Theology is the study of the origins of Christianity, development and contemporary form. The theology programmes focus on Christianity's view of God, the world and mankind.

The Religious Roots of Europe deals with the traditions, formative processes and mutual interactions in the ancient world of the three most influential religions at the root of European culture and history: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

African Studies deals with Africa's societal, developmental, cultural and religious conditions. The study programmes in African Studies focus on problems related to sub-Saharan Africa in a broad and interdisciplinary manner.

The study environment at the Faculty of Theology including the Center of African Studies is among the best of its kind. The teaching takes place in the Faculty's buildings, which are centrally located in the inner city. Students on the Faculty's programmes have access to the building, its libraries and reading rooms around the clock.

The information on these pages is designed to help you (to) make informed choices in relation to your studies. You are also welcome to contact us, in person or via phone or e-mail, with any questions you might have.  Our Student Counsellors and administrative personnel are available to offer advice.

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