The Bachelor programme in Theology

The Faculty of Theology's Bachelor programme in Theology (in Danish) lasts three years and comprises 180 ECTS points. In addition, when necessary - and as a rule it is necessary - it includes one year of teaching in Latin and Greek, which is integrated into the two first years of study. One extra year's (Danish) State Education Grant and Loan Scheme is available to students who have to learn these two languages.

Students on the Bachelor programme will receive teaching in theology's main areas and fundamental problems, and will familiarise themselves with the subject's basic ways of working. The teaching will be in small groups in order to facilitate a high degree of student participation. In some subjects, teaching will take the form of lectures to larger groups.

Successful completion of the programme confers the right to the title Bachelor of Theology (in Danish: BA i teologi).

At the end of the programme students are entitled to apply to the Master's programme in Theology or other Masters' programmes.

Applications for the Bachelor programme in Theology are submitted to the Co-ordinated Enrolment System (KOT).

You are also welcome to contact us, via phone or e-mail, with any questions you might have. Student counsellors and administrative personnel are available to offer advice.

The Bachelor programme in Theology comes under the Board of Studies for Theology.