Ambiguity and precision in the Quran

Ambiguity and Precision in the Qurʾān (the Koran) is a project that aims to investigate linguistic, rhetorical, and narrative markers of ambiguity and precision in the Qurʾān. These markers have long been neglected and misconstrued in qurʾānic studies, either as triggers of unfortunate confusion or as excessive binarism and generalization. Combining methods and theories from qurʾānic studies with an array of other relevant disciplines, we will turn the tables and instead identify and analyze how these two modes of qurʾānic language complement each other as felicitous rhetorical and social strategies.

The project is housed at the Biblical Studies Section, Faculty of Theology.













































































Thomas Hoffmann (PI) Professor MSO +45 21481915
Johanne Louise Christiansen Post doc - -
Diaa Eldeen Mohammed
Ph.d.-studerende -


The project is funded by The Independent Research Fund Denmark with a DFF Research Project Grant. The project was launched 1st of October 2017 and runs till primo 2020.