The Faculty of Theology has joined the international platform and umbrella organisation Refo500. The organisation is rooted in the Netherlands and lead by Professor Hermann Selderhuis from the Theological University of Apeldoorn. Refo500 aims to gather and coordinate research, exhibitions and activities concerning the Reformation in the period leading up to the Reformation Jubilee 2017. Refo500 houses a row of international partners from North America, Europe and Asia, as well academic partners (universities and seminaries) as commercial partners (such as cities, museums and travel agencies).

The Faculty is a member and in the board of the academic section Reformation Research Consortium (RefoRC), which primarily coordinates and develops the academic cooperation in Refo500. The goal  and purpose of ReforRC is to establish new international research projects about the theology and history of the Reformation era,  to stimulate international and interdisciplinary research, promote student interests in the Reformation period, raise money for underfunded students, scholars and institutions and finally to organize an annual international conference. Under ReforRC the project partner Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht has established an academic book series focusing on the religious, theological, political, social, legal, and cultural dimensions of the Reformation.

Sixth Annual RefoRC Conference 2016 Copenhagen

The Sixth Annual RefoRC Conference 2016 will be held May 26-28, 2016 and will hosted by the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Theology.

The theme of the plenary papers is: 'Church' at the time of the Reformation - Invisible community, visible parish, confession, building…?

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Contact person for Refo500 at the faculty is research associate professor, PhD Anna Vind, Department of Church History.