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Research platform on Environment and Sustainability

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The research platform attempts to capture environmental and sustainability issues related to Africa and their implications for Africans in diverse settings. The approach is interdisciplinary combining insights from natural and social sciences. Particular attention is given to the discursive and material practices such as certification through which the terms of environmental governance authority is legitimated as well as contested.

Africa's environment and environmental policies are undergoing major changes, with a growing expansion of issues as well as stakeholders. The interest in Africa's environment ranges from actors with different utilization perspectives, to actors focused on the protection of the environment such as the conservation of biodiversity. This increasing and multifaceted, as well as transnational and translocal, interest means an intensification of struggles over resource control, which in turn challenges the management of the environment. Sustainability and sustainable development is seen as the way forward and this platform look at how ideas, visions has been and is materialized in different ways in different contexts in Africa.

Central research questions concern:

  • Analysis of knowledge, knowledge production and governance related to sustainable societal and environmental development pattern in Africa.
  • Analysing perceived scope for synergies between poverty alleviation, biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  • Decoding roles and effects of both local, national and international governance actors and the possibilities for designed a multi-layered environmental governance system.
  • Analysing the role of entrepreneurial private sector initiatives such as ecotourism implications on rural development and conservation  

Platform Researchers: 

  • Stig Jensen, Associate Professor, CAS.
  • Jacob Kristian Worsøe, PhD

From 2018:

  • Martin Skrydstrup
  • Matthew Archer post.doc
  • Hannah Elliott post.doc