29 August 2019

Post-doc fellow at CAS Hans Olsson releases new book

Hans Olsson, Post-doc fellow at CAS, releases new book on Pentecostal Christianity, Islam and the negotiating religious belonging in Zanzibar

In his new book, Jesus for Zanzibar – Narratives of Pentecostal (Non-)Belonging, Islam, and Nation, CAS’s post-doc fellow Hans Olsson addresses lived experience and socio-political significance of newly arriving Pentecostal Christians in the Muslim majority setting of Zanzibar. By analyzing how a disputed political partnership between Zanzibar and Mainland Tanzania intersects with the construction of religious identities the book exemplifies contested processes of becoming in Zanzibar that capitalizes on, and creates meaning out of, religious difference and ambient political tensions.

On October 10, CAS arranges an event in connecting to the book’s release. Hans Olsson will presents his work, with Dr. Benjamin Kirby and Dr. Primus Mbeabwoah Tazanu as invited discussants.  The event is open to the public.