26 February 2020

Contribution to installation « Cathedrals and Critique » by Associate Professor Karen Lauterbach and CAS student Sandra Boakye

Associate Professor Karen Lauterbach and CAS student Sandra Boakye have contributed, together with George Bob-Milliar (Kwame Nkrumah University for Science and Technology), to the first installation “Cathedral and Critique” curated by anthropologist Naomi Haynes from the University of Edinburgh. The installation is part of The Christian Nation Project (click here to see more about the installation) – a multimedia installation on Christian Nationalism. The project explores ideas of Christian nationhood around the world.

The piece by Karen Lauterbach, Sandra Boakye and George Bob-Milliar touches upon the planned building of a National Cathedral in Ghana, and in particular the architectural visions of the project. This includes references to Christian architecture, African Christianity and Ghanaian cultural heritage. In another piece Girish Daswani, University of Toronto, also explores the National Cathedral project in Ghana and how it has been debated in popular culture in Ghana (see Girish Daswani piece here). Finally, the installation features work on Zambia’s National House of Prayer by Naomi Haynes (see more about Naomi Haynes by clicking here)

To see the contribution by Lauterbach, Boakye and Bob-Milliar, click here