17 February 2021

4 articles about CAS students' thesis projects

Globalnyt has published a series of articles about CAS students and their exciting, creative and relevant thesis projects. This can give insight into some of the possibilities studying at CAS, and what type of research our students engage with for their final projects. 

The first article in the series is about Melina Rosenkildes project on pregnancy and births during the ebola-epidemic in Sierra Leone from 2014-2016: you can read the first article here.

In the second article Martin Loužecký examines corruption in Mozambique: the relationship between informal and formal economies, authorities and peoples, and how corruption might, sometimes, be beneficial for society. Read the second article here.

The third article explore the postponement of the introduction of the West African common currency Eco. The thesis, written by Frederik Mosbæk Kops, examine the challenges and possibilities of introducing an African currency to West Africa, and what ideological struggles lies behind these processes. Access the third article here.

And finally, the fourth article in the series on Sandra Boakyes research on the political landscape in Ghana, and the arrival of MP Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings onto the political stage. How do women gain political power in a male-dominated parliament, and what are the challenges and opportunities in these processes? Find it the fourth article here.

image of Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings talking to American politician Bobby Rush