9 November 2021

Africans have good reason to be sceptical of Western vaccines

CAS guest researcher, Dr. Primus Tazanau has written an article in Information about COVID-19 Vaccine, Christian Right End-time Prophecy, and Conspiracy Theory.

Tazanau explains that in addition to the lack of access to COVID-19 vaccines in many African countries, there is also widespread scepticism about vaccination against corona. A phenomenon in Africa that is not so well known in Denmark is the charismatic Christian movements and their opposition to COVID-19 vaccines. 

In this chronicle, Primus Tazanu focuses on the Christian fundamentalists because they play a very large role in vaccine resistance in Africa. Tazanu underscores that "it should also be borne in mind that the African continent is not a homogeneous group of countries in terms of vaccine resistance. South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia have relatively low vaccine resistance of less than 30 percent according to a global gallup survey from the end of 2020. Countries such as Cameroon and Namibia are booming with high resistance, ie over 50 percent."

Primus Tazanu explains that based on previous experience, Africans are sceptical of Western interference, and therefore their attitude is not entirely unfounded. Many historical examples of the bodies of people of colour being abused to improve medicine and science are part of Africans' shared memory of vaccines.

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