9 April 2021

New article on refugee-refugee hosting in faith-based contexts by Karen Lauterbach

Karen Lauterbach (Associate Professor at CAS) has published the article ‘’A Refugee Pastor in a Refugee Church’: Refugee-Refugee Hosting in a Faith Based Context’ in Migration and Society (vol. 4, issue 1). The article analyzes hybrid forms of hosting in Congolese churches in Kampala, Uganda. It explores four different patterns of refugee-refugee hosting and discusses the implications of these for how guest- and host-categories are perceived. The article argues that social status and hierarchies are important for how hosting is practices, as well as religious ideas, of gift giving, sacrifice and reciprocity. The article is part of a special section of the issue on religion and refugees that contains an introduction and five articles. The special section is edited by Benjamin Boudou, Hans Leaman and Maximilian Miguel Scholz. The whole issue is available open access here.

picture of the book cover