13 April 2021

New article on the COVID-19 Vaccine, Christian right end-time prophecy and conspiracy theory, by Senior Guest Researcher, Primus Tazanu.

Senior Guest researcher at CAS, Primus Tazanu, publishes article on "COVID-19 vaccine, Christian right end-time prophecy, and conspiracy theory.
The article pivots around COVID-19 and the vaccine, with the main point focusing on a claim by the Christian right, that taking the COVID-19 vaccine may prepare your body and soul for an afterlife of eternal damnation. Primus Tazanu analyses the trajectory of the Christian right anti-vaccine campaign, which further posits that there is a furtive plot by sinister forces behind the vaccine to swindle human souls to Satan. He argues that the anti-vaccine campaigns that have garnered traction only, and are cautioning the uptake of new inventions, is not a new phenomenon.
You can read the article here
Picture of senior guest researcher Primus Tazanu