2 July 2021

Book chapter on the personal in NGO collaboration published by Karen Lauterbach

Karen Lauterbach has published a book chapter entitled ‘‘I Will Not Tell Anyone Until You Have Left’: The Ending of a Development Relationship Remembered’ in a new volume on ‘NGOs and Lifeworlds in Africa: Transdisciplinary Perspectives’ published by Berghahn Books. The volume is edited by Melina Kalfelis and Kathrin Knodel and focuses on the everyday lifeworlds and relationality of NGO work. Karen Lauterbach’s chapter looks at the particular moment in which an NGO relationship ends and uses this to discuss personal and professional relationships in NGO cooperation. It provides a personal account and memory of how a relationship between two NGOs ended, and argues that looking at the personal relationships adds important insight into NGO cooperation, which has to a large degree been studied at the institutional level. The chapter discusses the ritualization and enactment of these relationships and how they are expressed through the exchange of tokens, gestures and signs.

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