13 October 2021

Why African Studies Matters

Red house in Malawi. Photo: Amanda Hammar
Red house in Malawi. Photo: Amanda Hammar

Amanda Hammar, Professor at CAS has authored an article in the Nordic Journal of African Studies (NJAS), where she outlines the central role played by African Studies in addressing the core questions concerning knowledge production and validation about ‘Africa’/Africa, namely: whose knowledge and what kind of knowledge about Africa counts, where, when, and why, and with what effects?  Access the article, ‘Why African Studies Matters’. 

"African Studies is well-placed to unpack and challenge limited and dangerous forms of ‘knowing’ and unknowing in relation to Africa’s and Africans’ complex realities. It can and does contribute instead to consciously creating critical-yet-open spaces and practices of thinking, theorizing, investigating, listening, exchanging, learning, sharing, and growing in our collective work." She writes. 

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